The Success of MET City’s Industrial Plots

MET City, a subsidiary of Reliance Industries Limited, has excelled in the realm of Reliance industrial plots, showcasing a remarkable 60% growth in fiscal year 2023-24, reflecting a total booking value of Rs 896 crore. 

This surge in growth underlines the unwavering trust in MET City’s potential as an economic powerhouse in Jhajjar, Haryana, solidifying its position as a thriving business hub. The success of industrial plots in Delhi NCR offered by MET City sets new benchmarks in the region. 

Additionally, MET City has been a pioneer in fostering innovation by introducing notable initiatives such as India’s first 100% FDI in defense manufacturing by SAAB of Sweden, contributing significantly to advancements in the region. These initiatives further enhance the appeal of industrial plots in Delhi NCR. 

Strategic alliances with key players from Japan, Korea, Europe, and India have elevated MET City’s global stature, enriching the ecosystem and paving the way for cutting-edge developments in industrial plots price in the region. Notably, investments in essential amenities like hospitals and schools emphasize a holistic environment for residents and the workforce. 

By employing over 40,000 individuals in operational companies within the city, MET City has had a substantial economic impact, positioning itself as a vital player in driving sustainable growth in industrial plots in Delhi NCR. The continuous efforts of MET City aim to establish Jhajjar as one of Haryana’s premier economic hubs by attracting investments, talents, and opportunities.