Reliance Industrial Plots Jhajjar

For the construction of a manufacturing plant in Jhajjar, Reliance MET is providing Industrial Land. Reliance Industrial Plots has been authorised by the Haryana government to serve as a Model Economic Township (Reliance MET). 

Jhajjar’s Reliance Industrial Plots 

In the Jhajjar district of Haryana, industrial plots at Reliance MET are primarily located on the border of Gurgaon and old Delhi. The Reliance Model Economic Township project in the Jhajjar district is one of the top-rated industrial sites in old Delhi. 

Reliance industrial plots in Jhajjar are still in the planning stages and include facilities that are integrated with the city’s social and economic infrastructure. Four hundred acres of land and clusters for the footwear industry are covered by the footwear park. 

Plots for the industry at Reliance MET Size 

Reliance industrial plots Jhajjar generally have land sizes of 1000 square meters, 2000 square meters, 1 acre, 2.5 acres, and 5 acres. Freehold sales were made for all of these plots. With all the infrastructure amenities, they are for sale. Plots will range in size from 1,000 to 1 acre to 2.5 acres to 5 acres. 

Location Connectivity

Industrial plots at reliance MET location have excellent access to all National Highways and the western peripheral main road, which runs through Old Delhi. All national highways are connected to this project, including NH2, 8, 71, and 10. 

However, work is currently being done on a 2-kilometre rail link from the Farukhnagar depot extension to a private freight terminal. Additionally, work is being done to upgrade the GarhiHarsaru station in order to authorise consignment movement to the Northern Road and the Dwarka Main Road. This could improve logistics, supply chain, and transportation to the Reliance MET space. 

There are some residential properties on the Reliance MET plots as well. These residential lots are for Reliance MET staff members and employees. They can live a smart lifestyle for a reasonable price. Within the MET’s designated area, commercial property and SCO plots with a spread size are planned. Regarding residential or industrial plots, the plots comply with federal and state regulations. 

Supply Chain and Logistics

Reliance met plots, which have the potential to be a sizable industrial city, need access to a rail and transportation network to move goods both domestically and internationally. An engineering scale setup has been approved, and Indian Railways is preparing a close project report. 

Following are the aspects of cluster development at Reliance MET 

  • Food Park 
  • General Engineering Park 
  • Footwear Park 
  • Physics-producing Clusters 
  • Textile and attire Park 

Infrastructure Facility at Reliance MET


The State distribution grid will provide Reliance MET with the electricity and power needed to meet demand. The new grid will be able to build 220 kilovolt GIS substations that will be linked to the main grid. This guarantees that the area has enough power. 


With a connection to Reliance MET, the Gas Authority of India (GAIL) manages all the gas required for the area. 


A recently constructed water pipeline will supply Reliance MET with water. It is currently available through H2O dig. Water will therefore be readily available here in large quantities. 

Reliance MET is now a posh option for investors looking to purchase plots in Old Delhi and surrounding areas thanks to these amenities. 

What makes investors interested in Reliance MET? 

The Delhi government has put strict regulations into place taking into account industries in residential and other nearby areas. As a result, a number of corporations are compelled to purchase industrial lots outside of Old Delhi. Reliance MET might be a good option for them. These factories’ Old Delhi ceilings have the potential to spur industrial growth in commercial hubs like Reliance MET. Plot hunters in Old Delhi can choose from programmes like Reliance MET. 

The so-called “Boycott China” effect brought on by Covid 19 will also affect industrial homes to speculate in India. For such investors, Old Delhi and the nearby industrial areas will be a hot commodity. 

Below is that the outline of key aspects of Reliance MET, Jhajjar:

Reliance Industries, India’s largest private sector organisation, founded 

  • It is an 8250-acre open space. 
  • Plots of various kinds are available for those looking to speculate in Old Delhi. 
  • It is undoubtedly set in the Old Delhi neighbourhoods. 
  • 1860 acres of the surrounding area have been cleared for Reliance MET. 
  • a multi-transport network, strong properties, and magnificent rail connections. 
  • licences granted by the government. 
  • Offer from the recently launched NCR channel for more than 100 MCD. 

The growth rate of plots in Delhi Gurgaon is 150. Thus, investment created these days in Old Delhi can fetch an awfully high price within the future. Firms can think about this growth story whereas creating their investment call. Reliance MET, one of the easiest economic business townships in India, offers industrial owners a fantastic opportunity. 

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