Hamdard signs agreement with Reliance MET city to build Food Park Cluster in Haryana's Jhajjar

Reliance model economic township, a subsidiary of Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), stated on Thursday that it is creating a Greenfield Smart city near Gurugram and has signed a formal deal with Hamdard Group to establish a world-class manufacturing plant in the city.

According to an official announcement, Hamdard is establishing its Hamdard Product Park Cluster (HFPC) on roughly 10 acres of property at MET City to produce several of its key food categories. They want to invest between Rs 100 and Rs 150 crores in the initial phase of developing their production facilities.

Reliance industrial area includes a honey processing plant and similar product manufacturing facilities, as well as a spices manufacturing plant for various pure, whole, and blended spices under the brand of ‘Hamdard Khaalis’ spices, edible oil processing and filling facilities for oils such as mustard oil, olive oil, rice bran oil, and soya oil, among others, extruded products processing and manufacturing facilities for vermicelli, soya chunks-like products, and beverages filling and packing

Hamid Ahmed, CEO, of Hamdard Foods, said the business picked Reliance MET City, Jhajjar, Haryana for building its manufacturing facilities in the next 1 to 2 years as it provided “not only a very favourable location to be inside NCR but also a site with world class industrial infrastructure

“We are extremely thrilled to welcome Hamdard Group, one of India’s famous businesses, as a member of MET City,” stated SV Goyal, CEO & WTD of MET City. Met City is a trailblazer in sustainable development, with over 9000 crores already committed. It already has permits for 1903 acres and around 25,000 people are already employed on the project. Hamdard Group has been added to Reliance’s global brand list. MET City combines world-class infrastructure with a world-class consumer goods brand.
According to Vaibhav Mittal, MET City’s head of Business Development, the Hamdard Group will be a force multiplier for MET City on its road to becoming a worldwide destination for investments in India.

“With 400+ clients, MET City is on its way to become a platform for both established major corporations and SMEs. In this project, Hamdard Group will not only produce world-class products, but will also introduce global manufacturing best practises to MET City, as well as aid in the formation of further investments through vendor growth and job creation “He stated.