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Reliance MET Features

Physical Features

Topography at Reliance MET

The industrial plots in NCR and commercial property in Gurgaon are relatively flat, with an average elevation of about 215m above Mean Sea Level (MSL) and an elevation difference of about 1m, and are characterised by alluvial plains and, in some places, undulating dunes. This Gurgaon commercial property with assured return has a gentle slope towards an outfall drain that runs across the property. Groundwater has a very gentle hydraulic gradient. The soil has a high load-carrying capacity on SCO plots in Gurgaon. 

Environment of Reliance MET

The industrial plots for sale in Gurgaon are available at the Reliance MET Industrial plots, which have a business-friendly environment. The Sultanpur National Park (SNP), located 10 kilometres from the developable area, is the closest environmentally sensitive area. Reliance MET is located outside of the Ministry of Environment and Forests’ 5 km sensitive zone. The first phase of the Reliance industrial plots in Gurgaon has received environmental clearance for the development of 1860 acres of land. 

Water Bodies near Reliance MET

The Gurgaon industrial plot for sale has plenty of water channels. The Reliance MET area is crossed by a network of water supply channels and drainage canals. The Gurgaon Water Supply Channel and the NCR Water Supply Channel, which supply potable water to the region, including the cities of Gurgoan and Manesar, and the Outfall Drain No. 8 (Najafgarh Drain), which passes through the site and is designed to carry excess storm water into the river Yamuna, are two of the most significant. 

Climate of Reliance MET

The industrial plots area is classified as tropical steppe, semi-arid, and hot, with extreme dryness of the air except during monsoon months, intensely hot summers, and cold winters. The industrial plot for sale is weatherproof. The winter season lasts from January to the beginning of March, and the summer season lasts until the last week of June. The average annual rainfall in the Reliance MET Jhajjar district is 444 mm spread out over 23 days. 

Reliance Model Economic Township has launched Reliance industrial plots in NCR under the Work-Live-Play concept. These Reliance Industrial Plots include all necessary approvals as well as basic amenities such as an industrial license, water supply, and power supply. Reliance MET Jhajjar has the following features: 


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